The area surrounding the historic Horseshoe Lights mine site hosts various surface stockpiles that remain from historic gold and copper mining activities.  These targets are under investigation for early development opportunities (click for full details and also here), which might include offsite processing of gold-bearing materials.

Gold rehandle and Vat Leach areas

Targets tested by augering included gold-bearing vat leach material, vat walls, gold tailings and copper flotation tailings (click for full details).  255 holes totalling 1204.8 m were completed in Phase 1 activities during July and August 2021.

Best results include:

  • 4 m @ 5.34 g/t Au from surface (MVAG008- Gold rehandle area)
  • 4 m @ 2.40 g/t Au from surface (MVAG023- Gold rehandle area)
  • 4 m @ 2.19 g/t Au from surface (MVAG025- Gold rehandle area)

c20 Stockpile

Shallow Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling of the C20 stockpile was completed in late August on lines 20 m apart with 10 m spaced holes, part of a proposed 10 m x 10 m spaced drill hole pattern designed to confirm the grade and distribution of mineralisation.  Results confirmed significant gold and copper material within the stockpile in coherent minable volumes (click for full details).  Phase 2 activities at Horseshoe Lights will include completion of the 10 m x 10 m drill pattern in the C20 stockpile.

Best results include:

  • 9 m @ 1.69 g/t Au and 0.4 % Cu from 1m in hole C20_RC8
  • 6 m @ 1.20 g/t Au from surface in hole C20_RC21
  • 3 m @ 2.54 g/t Au and 0.73 % Cu from surface in hole C20_RC46

Resource Table

The mineral resource estimation for low-grade copper-bearing material remaining on surface at Horseshoe Lights in stockpiles, dumps and tailings is given below:

TypeCategoryTonnage (t)Cu (%)Cu metal (tonnes)
Total 1,702,0000.528,800
Flotation TailingsInferred1,420,0000.476,700
M15 StockpileInferred244,0000.801,900
Subgrade StockpileInferred38,0000.50200