Horseshoe Lights


The historic Horseshoe Lights gold-copper mine and associated tenements are located approximately 800 km north-northeast of Perth and 140 km north of Meekatharra.

The Horseshoe Lights Project comprises of fifteen tenements that cover an area just over 215 square kilometres.

Production History

The Horseshoe Lights deposit was discovered in 1946 and was in production up until 1994.The total life of mine production to 1994 is summarised in the table below: 

PeriodOwnerTypeTonnesAu (g/t)Cu (%)Ag (g/t)Hg (g/t)
1946-87VariousGold ore1,519,4464.2
1988BarrackGold ore90,3604.6
1988-91BarrackTotal treated934,7031.92.744.026.3
1992-94SabmincoTotal treated754,6111.63.966.037.3

In-situ Mineral Resources

Motters Zone

Motters Zone is an unmined nor-norwesterly striking, steep-westerly dipping shear-related zone of predominantly oxide copper mineralisation, being inferred as part of an easterly limb to the main Horseshoe Cu-Au mineralisation.  It is stoped and terminated by a cross-cutting dolerite unit which daylights to the north, and dips to the SW at around 30°.  The dolerite is weathered at surface and is copper mineralised in proximity to the Motters Zone from this weathering effect.  It takes its name from the main small shallow underground working on the shear, Motters.

The recent definition programme at Motters Zone (click for full details) was designed to confirm and extend known resources, improve the confidence in the classification of the resource, and to more tightly constrain the oxide-sulphide transition. Fifteen holes were completed for a total of 1,143 m, to a maximum depth of 139 m.

Better results from the programme included:

  • 26 m @ 1.31 % Cu from 6m (Hole RC1149)
  • 16 m @ 1.15 % Cu from surface (Hole RC1150)
  • 26 m @ 1.31 % Cu from 6m (Hole RC1149)
  • 16 m @ 1.15 % Cu from surface (Hole RC1150) 
Motters Section 7194420mN
Motters Section 719440mN

In 2013 the Company commissioned CSA Global Pty Limited to undertake a mineral resource estimation using the historical drilling database and the results from the company’s 2010/11 and 2012/13 drilling programmes (94 RC drill holes, 9 Diamond drill holes and 3 Diamond Tails for 19,951 m).

CategoryTonnes (Mt)Cu (%)
Au (g/t)
Ag (g/t)
Cu metal (tonnes)
Au metal (oz)
Ag metal (k oz)

Exploration Potential

The potential to host additional copper-gold resources within the current tenements can be supported by the following evidence:

  • Past production of around 3.3 Mt at 1.7% Cu and 2.9 g/t Au demonstrates the project area is significantly mineralised.
  • The area has major regional shear structures that have tended to displace the mineralised zones that were being mined (such as the east northeast striking fault recognised late during the mining that terminated the Southern end of the main ore-body.  These structures have excellent potential to yield en-echelon ore-body repetitions elsewhere within the project area.
  • There has been extensive surface disturbance, potentially obscuring any surface expression of mineralised extensions and hampering access for drilling; and as a result there has been little exploration to locate potentially displaced mineralisation.

Potential also exists for en-echelon repetitions of the Horseshoe Lights deposit, especially in the area immediately east of the pit, near the CIP tailings dam and vat leach areas.  These areas have only received limited drilling in the past.

Current Activities

  • Horseshoe camp refurbishment underway with recommissioning of power, water and communications to assist exploration activities and advance feasibility studies in respect of development options for its copper-gold resources 
  • RC drilling programme designed to further define Motters copper mineralisation
  • Auger drilling programme designed to assess grade of gold leach vats and tailings
  • Metallurgical test work programme to finalise flow sheet for retreatment of tailings, gold vats and surface stockpiles underway

Kopore Joint Venture

On 28 January 2021, the Company announced (Horseshoe West Copper/Gold Farm-in and JV Agreement) that it has executed a binding farm-in and joint venture agreement with Kopore Metals Limited (ASX:KMT), providing for an earn in and joint venture in relation to certain tenements surrounding the historical Horseshoe Lights Copper-Gold Mine.

The Agreement relates to an area of 32.4km2 of largely unexplored land surrounding the Horseshoe Lights Mine (see figure).   The Agreement Area comprises one exploration licence, nine prospecting licences and part of one mining lease. 

Excluded from the Agreement Area is part of M52/743 upon which, the historical open pit and existing copper resource is located (shown as the “Excluded Zone” in figure) as well as waste dumps and stockpiles tailings from the historical operation.  Kopore will not acquire any rights in respect of minerals contained in the Excluded Zone or such waste dumps and stockpiles.